Mini Watermelon (Japan Variety), Malaysia (1 piece)

Mini Watermelon (Japan Variety), Malaysia (1 piece)


This mini watermelon is grown in a greenhouse environment, using no pesticide, hence yummy and great for health! The skin is thin and the fruit is sweet and juicy. It is slighty larger than palm size. We love the convenience of eating the mini watermelon. Just halve the fruit and dig in with a spoon.

Certified MYGAP (Malaysia’s Good Agricultural Practice)




Pack size
1 piece

Country of Origin

Nutritional Facts
Rich in vitamin C, A and B

Health Benefits
– High levels of lycopene found in watermelon helps maintain good heart and bone health
– Prevents cancer
– Great for heart health
– Boost immunity
– Reduces water retention and inflammation
– Complements a weight loss diet

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